Newest DIY Walnut F1 Mini protable amplifier HiFi fever headphone audio power amplifier with 2.5mm Balanced Out interface

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Newest DIY Walnut F1 protable amplifier HiFi fever headphone audio power amplifier mini portable with 2.5mm Balanced Out interface

Notice: Don\'t Including Earphone and MP3 Music Player,And Silicone straps color We are randomly sent


Balanced Version= With 2.5mm Balanced out Interface and still have 3.5mm interface

Standard Version= Only have 3.5mm interface(If you connect 2.5mm interface, There will be don\'t have sound)



1. Interface: 3.5MM or 2.5 interface
2. Output power:300mW
3. Operational Amplifier Chips Model: OPA2134
4. SNR: 90DB
6. Lithium battery capacity: 1500MAH
7. Charging Interface: Standard MICRO USB.



1. Walnut F1 amp size is small, 80 * 50 * 20mm than a bank card is slightly smaller, but the small head also has great wisdom, this section of the sound of the amp should be said that the bile is more foot, simply is the sound more sweet The Plus after the amp; Can feel out the sound field is significantly large, opener is the original BB of the OPA2134. Sound characteristics in general are warm and delicate type, strong driving force, "bile". Low-frequency quality and quantity. At the same time 2.5mm version with a balanced output, balanced output has been applied to professional recording field, balanced output is characterized by high degree of separation, the thrust is about twice the power output.



2Op amatement OPA2134, OPA2134 is designed for audio and designed for the op amp, sound mellow, rounded, neutral warm, bile is very strong, is known as the most electronic tube audio amplifier. Feeling like the upgraded version of 5532, all aspects have greatly improved, good resolution, music taste better, there is bile, the sound is relatively thick and a bit rigid, comprehensive quality is very good. Especially for music performance.

The amp can be replaced by the op amp. Direct plug design. Is now the mainstream design, different op amp to bring a different tone.


3. Almost completely using the machine\'s power supply circuit, up to 24V (+12 V gnd -12V) of the pressure, easy to control the various types of op amp on the market, the strength of the launch of the loud field. While supporting the side of the charge while listening to music.


4Output Coupled Straight Tolerant Capacitance Using Ina SILMICII 220uF ELNA Silk Fiber Purple Brown Crystal Audio Electrolytic Capacitor, Use OFC Oxygen Free Copper Foot, Very Low Distortion, Very Small Straight Loss, Natural Silk Fiber Medium, High Quality Sound, Play Silky softness of the natural, enhanced resistance to acoustic oscillation design, increase the low-frequency thick sense of weight, reduce the high-pass part of the peak value of the peak and the middle part of the rough sound quality.


Package Including:

1 X Headphone Amplifier
1 X Charging Cable
1 X AUX Cable
1 X Silicone straps(Pair)


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